I work regularly for newspapers. It is a job I particularly enjoy as I get to respond to current affairs as they unfold. The work is often needed in less than 24 hours so it requires quick thinking and speedy drawing. I have worked for many newspapers including The Guardian, The Times,  The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Observer, The Express, The European and more.

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The Fire Man

Supplement cover illustration about fire safety procedures.

Commissioned by The Guardian.

Punk in Siberia.

An article about an Essex punk band touring Siberia.

Commissioned by The Independent.

Russian Soap Opera.

Article about a Russian radio drama financed by the British government.

Commissioned by The Independent.

Noisy Couple.

Article about a husband and wife dubbed 'The Noisiest Couple in the World'.

Commissioned by The Independent.

English Nonsense.

A review of a book on the history of English Nonsense poetry.

Commissioned by The Daily Telegraph.

Tradition vs Modernity.

An article about the tensions in literature between traditional styles and Post-Modernism.Winner of ' The Best Published Illustration ' Award from The Association of Illustrators.

Commissioned by The Times.

Childrens Books and Activities.

Cover illustration for a supplement about summer holiday activities for children.

Commissioned by The Independent on Sunday.

Drugs in School.

Supplement Cover illustration for an article about the horror stories of drugs in inner city schools.

Commissioned by The Guardian.

Student Unions.

Supplement cover illustration for an article about the ruthless withdrawal of funding for student bodies.

Commissioned by The Guardian.

The Judging Panel.

The judging panel is announced for a radio award.

Commissioned by The Guardian.

The Dublin Snapper. 

An article about the urban myths which circulate in Dublin.

Commissioned by The Independent.

The Traffic Warden.

Article about the ruthless power invested in our traffic wardens.

Commissioned by The Independent.

Executive Jail.

Law-breaking executives can be offered superior detention facilities to the rest of us.

Commissioned by The Wall Street Journal.

The Trip to Disneyland.

A family's tormented experience of Disneyland.

Commissioned by The Observer.


Changing methods of storing data.

Commissioned by The Guardian.

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