BBC Knowledge was the first digital channel to be launched by the BBC. I was commissioned by Lambie Nairn to create the look for the new channel's identity, whose primary focus was education. This involved creating characters and scenarios as animations which were used between programmes for announcements, trailers and schedule information. They also appeared at the start and close of broadcasting. A theme of education and self improvement was expressed through ideas of elevation, either with wings, propellers, ladders or rockets. The mind takes flight through education! The channel eventually merged into BBC4.

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                 This is the original idea which defined the way the whole project looked.                      It created the visual world which the different characters and ideas                                would inhabit.

                                                    Character Development Ideas.

                                               Character Development Ideas 2.

                                         Character Development Ideas 3.

                                         Character Development Ideas 4.

          Characters in Context.

   Screenshots from the animation.

   In Print.

    In Print

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