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How the illustrations look in their final printed format.

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Book Cover 
Cover illustration for a Japanese book on ecology.
   Chocolate Wrappers
   Whittards of Chelsea Ltd.
Marie Claire
Magazine illustration for the Emotional Issues section.
Boaters Coffee Pack
Packaging illustration for Boater's Irish Cream Coffee.
The Tablet
Cover illustration about the beneficiaries of aid.
The Tablet
Cover Illustration about reforms to the banking system.
WH Smith Brochure
Full page illustration for a human resources booklet.

New Statesman
The different roles of Rap Music.
Parish Magazine
An Easter theme for a local magazine cover.
Whittards Coffee Bean Packets
Illustrations for the packaging of flavoured coffee beans.
Whittards Coffee Bean Packs
Packaging illustrations for a range of flavoured coffee beans.
Whittards Coffee Packaging
Wrap-around illustration for a hazelnut flavoured coffee.
Book Cover
Cover illustration for an 8+ childrens' fiction title.
Horoscope illustration for Vogue magazine.
American Airlines
Illustrations for an in-flight magazine for American Airlines.
Brochure Covers
Wrap-around cover illustration for a promotional booklet for a printing firm.
Leaflet illustration.
Cover illustration for a WH Smith leaflet about community involvement.
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