Sometimes it is hard to describe what a business does in visual terms. Activites such as investment, management, accountancy, Information Technology or Human Resources can be complex and confusing. Illustration can express complicated concepts in an imaginative way enlivening the viewer's understanding of an abstract idea. I have worked with many clients in this field including Barclays Bank, The Swiss Post Office, NTL, Handelsbanken, Shell, DEG Deutsche Investitions and more.

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  Investing in the Stock Market.

  The process of share dealing explained.

  Moneywise magazine.

Identifying a Good Prospect.

How investment opportunities are researched.

DEG Deutsche Investitions

Moving Forward Safely.

Financial planning in difficult times.

DEG Deutsche Investitions

The Business Toolkit.

Illustration for a course leaflet.

The Institute of Directors.

     Charting a Profitable Future.

     Brochure illustration.

     Lane Peacock Accountants

      Long Term Planning

      Brochure illustration.

      Lane Peacock Accountants.

Card Purchase

Plastic can now be used around the globe.

Voyager magazine.

House and Home.

The importance of insurance in looking after you and yours.

Forbes magazine.

       Corporate Contractual Agreements.

       European Business Forum.

    Green Energy

    Illustration for Annual Report.

    The Swiss Post Office


     Illustration for Annual Report.

     The Swiss Post Office.

  Investment Advice.

  Desk Calendar illustration.

  Barclays Bank.


An article on global instability in the financial markets.

Prospect magazine.

    Lose The Fat.

    How to keep an organisation lean and efficient.

    Director magazine.


    Competition grows in the phone/ broadband market.

    Financial Times.

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