Magazines offer an incredible diversity of subject-matter from horoscopes to social comment to reviews of wine, restaurants or books. I have always enjoyed the diverse challenges of magazine work - you can never tell what you might be drawing next! I have worked for numerous magazines including Vogue, Time Magazine, Elle, New Statesman, New Scientist, Tatler, Marie Claire, Prospect, Marxism Today, Radio Times, Gardeners World, Harpers and Queen, Wire, Cosmopolitan, The Oldie and many more.

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The Euro

An article about contrasting opinions on the future of the Euro.

Commissioned by Time Magazine

Literacy in the City.

Indianapolis has been declared one of the most literate cities in America.

Commissioned by Indianapolis Monthly.

The Truth is Out.

Oppressive regimes are finding it more and more difficult to control the information which is available to the outside world.

Commissioned by New Scientist.

Tall Stories.

The difficulties that very tall people can have in forming relationships.

Commissioned by The Sunday Times Magazine.

Ovarian Health.

An article about womens health.

Commissioned by Elle Magazine.

Cheap Fuel.

The price we may pay for our demands for cheap fuel.

Cover illustration for The Tablet.

Fruity Summer Wines.

Commissioned by Tatler Magazine.

What Recession?

Government's inability to accept the economic reality and act accordingly.

Cover illustration for New Statesman magazine.

Kitchen Strife.

Behind the scenes in a smart restaurant.

Commissioned by Prospect Magazine.


Horoscope illustration.

Commissioned by The Sunday Express Magazine.

Red Hot Eats.

Review of a Mexican resturant.

Commissioned by American Way Magazine.

Derry Halloween

Parades and celebrations in Derry can be used to undermine the strict social expectations in the city.

Commissioned by New Statesman Magazine.

Mobile Life (1)

How are lives are being transformed by mobile technology.

Commissioned by Enjeux Magazine, France.

Mobile Life (2)

How our lives are being transformed by mobile technology.

Commissioned by Enjeux Magazine, France.

Executive Soul.

How to help dull executives to express their inner creativity.

Commissioned by Estersen Lackersteen.

Head in the Sand.

The UN response to the emerging Yugoslavian crisis.

Commissioned by New Statesman Magazine.

Menage a Trois.

The stresses and strains of affairs.

Commissioned by Marie Claire Magazine.

Inner City School.

The challenge of creating a safe and happy enviroment for children in a difficult neighbourhood.

Cover Illustration for The Tablet.

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